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Why use the Web Mob as your SEO Consultants?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) or website optimisation is a special skill combining technical know how and good business sense. SEO is our passion, not an add-on to web design. In fact we are so good at this that other good web designers and agencies use us to consult on their clients websites.

We are a really small team that have previously been freelancers, so let’s get to know each other better:

Hi! I’m Kiki your friendly SEO Consultant – otherwise known as The Geek.

I have worked for clients in Australia and the UK including large digital agencies and small to medium consultancies hKiki - The Web Mob's SEO Consultantelping businesses from all industries achieve their goals.

Alongside my SEO skills I have over 10 years experience as a business operations consultant for start ups, non-profits and hospitality organisations and understand that the success of your organisation means keeping your business goals and growth in mind at all times.

My clients find that my analytical skills and ability to relate this in real terms enables real business success in the long term and growth in their specific campaigns.

It is my philosophy that SEO is about bringing in relevant traffic, not just lots of clicks and ensuring sure your website is able to follow up on the extra leads.

Some of my clients include

    * Outsourcing for DJM Digital Creative Agency - London
    * Outsourcing for Exec4 Consultants - London
    * Training and consultancy for Fresh PR and Marketing on the Sunshine Coast
    * SEO and Social media workshops and training for Sunshine Coast Destination ltd and The Sunshine Coast Literary Association

    * Knock on Wood Furniture on the Sunshine Coast
    * Atlantis Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast
    * Thorley Guitars, Eumundi

If you would like to know more just get in contact:      Mobile: 0466 211 021


As SEO is our core business, we have also developed a network of talented developers and creatives, but we have locked them in dark caves chained to their macs. When we give them a break, a little bit of sunshine and a rigorous hazing initiation, we will feature more of them here!

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