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When it comes to SEO, most people look at us with a blank stare and a vague smile on their face.  We know you want to know more so hopefully we can answer some of those burning questions here.  Please feel free to email us with other questions and we will endeavour to answer them.

So first things first:

Q.            What is search engine optimisation? (SEO)

A.            Quite simply put, it is the art of getting your website as high on the list of search results on search engines like Google as possible.  If you Google your business name and you are not getting number 1 on the list, you need to optimise your site. 

Q.            Back up a bit!  What is a search engine?
A.            Good question!  A search engine is an online facility where you can search for something.  Google is the largest search engine in the world, but there are others such as Yahoo! and MSN.  Did you know that eBay use a search facility on their site?  These search engines try really hard to return results that they think you are going to find most useful. The better they do, the more people will use them.  Google are really clever at this, that’s why they are so popular.

Q.            So SEO is just getting us found on Google?  How does that work?
A.            The internet is massive; there are billions of websites out there.  There are often thousands of results for any given search term.  It is our job to make sure your website has all the elements in them to be considered really, really important to the searcher.  That way the Search Engines will more likely pick yours over a competitor.

Q.            I’ve heard that SEO is just like Spam.  What’s that all about?
A.            As in any industry there are good people and people who exploit things.  In the early days of the Net there was a lot of exploitation, that is why there were a lot of sites selling Britney Spears, Sex and Viagra…..hmm that’s another story….As a result of this the Search Engines wised up and decided to get smarter, they know the methods used by these types of people and actively look for what we call Black Hat techniques.  Applying some forms of optimisation can harm your website.  Which is why it helps to know what you are doing and the kinds of people you are dealing with.  By the way, we are strictly White Hat operators.  (That means we are the goodies!)  By applying best practices and avoiding over-optimisation, we get great results and none of the penalties. If you want to learn more check out our seo services or have a look at our business packages.

Q.            Why do I need SEO?
A.            Nowadays your website is your calling card.  Did you know that many people now will not work with someone who doesn’t have a website and are more likely to work with someone they have found positive reviews for?  (Don’t make up your own, you will only get busted!)

                Or perhaps you’ve been to a party or networking event.  What happens if that guy you met lost your business card but can remember your name?  If he tries to find you on-line and can’t, do you know what happens next?  That’s right, they’ll go to your competitors!  Not good huh!?!

Q.            So what is it that you do? Do you work with Google?
A.            There is nothing magic about SEO, it takes a strategy, research and targeted and persistent implementation.  We don’t work with Google, no one except Google employees works with Google and any SEO consultant that says they do should be avoided. 

There have been many instances where over-optimisation and bad techniques have caused sites to be penalised by the Search Engines.  We take a look at things on your website like your keywords and metatags, how your site is presented and coded and your sitemap.  Then we look at things outside of your website that influence your position, like the number and quality of links to your website.  We also take a sneaky peek at your competition and check out what they are up to, and then we make an informed strategy that will help you get better positioning in the Search Engines all within good industry practice. In fact we guarantee we won’t stop until see results! 


Search Engine Optimisation works.  It will bring you business if targeted and implemented in a way that suits your business and target market.  Get in touch and we will show you what your competitors are doing and how you can improve your search engine rankings.

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